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The bed we purchased was one the King Koil "thermal/visco-elastic foam" Night Rain-Natural Response type beds on 1/25/03. I have to admit, a foam bed was not on my list of beds to purchase, but the salesman from King Koil was at Haynes Furniture that day and he made an impressive presentation to my wife and me. We bought the mattress, foundation, frame and mattress pad recommended at a cost of $1889 plus tax.

Over the last six months, I have awoken to significant back pain. I thought it was a result of "growing older". However, I discovered that when I travel and sleep in a hotel bed, my back pain went away. By all accounts, my back pain was a failure of the six year old foam to support the weight of our bodies. At the end of every night, our premium mattress sags into the shape of a bowl and we basically roll to the middle of the bed. My wife weighs 110# and I weigh 142#. We are not large people by any stretch of the imagination.

An inspection was made by Haynes Furniture, the company we bought it from. The inspector took his measurements and pointed out a 1" diameter stain on the mattress fabric at the foot of the bed. Apparently, this stain made it through the $90 mattress pad we purchased with the bed. The rest of the mattress was flawless-except for the measurable depression and aforementioned sagging at night. Shortly thereafter, I received a call from Haynes Furniture. stating that King Koil had rejected our claim due to the bed being unsanitary. We contacted the mattress pad company and they sent us a professional cleaning kit. We cleaned the mattress according to directions and it looked close to perfect, or so we thought. A second inspection was also rejected for a "shadow ring".

Almost 3 months after my first call to Haynes, a third inspection was made. This inspector, as the others, took his measurements. He used the same process as the previous two inspectors. The bed had sagged almost 2" in the middle. This was over the minimum 1.5" required to have it replaced and an increase of ¼" since the last measurement. I assumed everything was acceptable and the warranty would be processed. I was mistaken.

The inspector made no mention of the "stain" until he walked out our front door and I asked him if everything "looked OK". "Well you do have what appears to be some "yellowing" (his words) in one area". Why he didn't point that out to me when we were in the bedroom? I received an email from Haynes Furniture that our claim was again rejected.

As it stands, we are out almost $2000 for a mattress that we can no longer sleep on.

King Koil's warranty on their website is in extremely fine print-almost to the point of being illegible. http://www.comfortsolutions.com/lc/warranty.pdf It makes no mention of stains and uses the word "unsanitary". After our warranty claim was rejected the third time, I conducted a little research on the internet and found horror stories of warranties, just like ours, where the warranty was voided for not meeting the definition of sanitary-even though the manufacturer provides no definition of "unsanitary". This is an out and out scam.

I also found that visco-elastic bedding is notorious for losing its resiliency and ability to provide adequate support. In many cases, the foam does "rebound" to pass the 1.5" depression test. However in actual use, after 3-5 years, the failure of the foam's weight bearing capacity causes people to roll to the center of the bed.

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I own a Natural Response - Night Rain mattress and box spring set. I bought it four years ago and love it just as much today as I did when I first bought it.

In two words, "It's awesome!" Try losing some weight, and perhaps your back pain and the deep depressions in your mattress will go away. I've never even had to turn mine in all the years I've owned it.


Well mine is not stained!!! We purchased a King Koil Comfort Sensation Memory Foam mattress for $1937 from the Dump in April 06.

For the last year I have been trying to get King Koil to honor the warranty. However, I have been informed that the mattress is supposed to sink down because it is a memory foam. So, no matter how many pictures I send them it will not help. The mattress sinks down on the sides & there is a huge hump in the middle.

Its like sleeping on a rock. I hurt all over when I wake up. I weigh 125 lbs & he weighs 185 lbs. We turn the mattress & there is a hypo allergenic cover on it.

It looks like new but is truly the worst mattress we have ever owned. Buyer beware. If the mattress fails you are probably out the money. In our case their warranty is not worth anything.

FYI I attempted to process the warranty through The Dump. When rejected, I contacted King Koil directly who then passed me right back to The Dump.

What a tremendous waste of sleep, time, & money. I will never purchase another King Koil Mattress.

to Angele Columbia, South Carolina, United States #638759

We just received a replacement mattress from a King Koil manufacturer. WE provided all the information they requested.

They responded with in the 14 day time they said they would and lo and behold they agreed with us and replaced the mattress which had a 10 yr unconditional warranty with in 3 weeks as they said they would.

but the caveat is the warranty is the original time frame based on our original purchase. I suspect they original pillow top design was a problem because the new pillow top design is entirely different.


Clearly Phil must work for a mattress company. Otherwise he would understand that this is clearly just a way for mattress manufacturers to get out of honoring their warranty obligations.

Medical professional deal with 100 times more exposure on a daily basis. Phil, have you heard of latex gloves?

to Bill Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #772052

I do work for a mattress company and the warranty stipulations are the same regardless of the manufacturer, Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Tempur, etc are all the same. They can not legally allow a potentially contaminated mattress back into a factory for fear of contaminating the rest of the facility.

Regardless, a good mattress store should supply mattress protectors from a company that will replace the mattress if the protector fails, not send a cleaning kit.

The gentleman who stated that the mattress is, "like a bowl" makes me wonder whether or not the bed frame has a center support. That is a requirement for Queen and King size beds. However, many "inspectors" and sales associates are not properly trained to check for, or tell customers about this issue.

It's sad to say, but there are a lot of mattress companies out there with the, "used car salesman" approach. When you walk into a mattress store, they should determine who is using the mattress and what firmness / plushness is required for the buyer's body mass index. (This is like finding the right size and arch support in shoes.) Then they should address physical ailments or pains in the body. They should discuss mattress protectors and warranties.

Finally, they should help the customer buy something in their budget, rather than sell to them. If you feel like your arm is being twisted in a mattress store, get out. They are only profit oriented and not customer oriented.

We have sold King Koil for over 8 years and only had one warranty issue which was because the couple who purchased it bought a queen rather than the king that they needed for their size.

On a queen they were sleeping in the edges of the mattress every night and then they started to bow out. Regardless, King Koil warrantied the mattress and they got a king which they are very happy with.

The store you shop at has a lot to do with what happens in warranty claims and long term comfort issues. You should be sized up for the right mattress right away, avoid buying on price alone and do not buy something to find it is too hard or soft later, both of which lead to back, hip, shoulder and other pain.

A good sales associate will know these things and steer you the right direction. Sorry for the long reply, just trying to help the consumer.


I do not understand how you can expect a company to warranty and fix a mattress that clearly is stained. You admit there is a stain several times.

I do not know what that stain is from and either would a person who is repairing it. Who knows what kind of diseases they could get from that stain. Would you like to handle something that could possibly infect you with some disease or virus, just to make a consumer happy. You are asking the impossible.

Next time you wont stain a $2000.00 mattress and void the warranty. The company and furniture retailer clearly attempted to fix the problem but couldn't because of some stain of unknown origin.

Your Fault. Period.

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